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If you have any questions or queries that you cannot find an answer to in the FAQ or you just want to have a chat with the Umfies team, we are here to help☁️!

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Mon - Fri 8.30am - 5pm


Umfies ;)
15 Northcorp Boulevard
Broadmeadows, Victoria, 3074
(03) 9355 4300

If you have any feedback do not hesitate to reach out, and we will do our best to assist you as quickly as possible.Our customer service team is ummm… pretty cool. We mainly speak English, but also a bit of Cantonese, Vietnamese, Italian, Macedonian, Singalese, Samoan, Ugandan, Karen and Dutch. TTYS.

We hope you love your Umfies as much as we do, but if you’re not completely satisfied we’ll replace your Umfies free of charge ;).

Please remember that sending out multiple customer enquiries with the same question will not speed up the process, as they are handled in order sequentially. Unfortunately, sending out multiple queries will increase waiting times for other customers, as it will lengthen support queues. Please do not forget to include your order number and best contact number. We are here to support you and to ensure all or customers are happy and satisfied☁️!